It is a metal diaphragm twin-headed vacuum pump. As all the pumps we produce, this model is perfectly clean and dry. Materials exposed to the vacuum environment are 316L stainless steel (except four small springs in berylium bronze and the metal that you choose for the static metallic seals). Safety is reinforced by a double containment barrier which internal pressure is permanently monitored by an electrical contact manometer.

Each pumping head is made up of a cylinder head diaphragm sub-assembly. Suction and discharge of the gas result of the alternative motion of each diaphragm and valves. Both chest of valves include possibly a by-pass for high pressures. The motor power is transmitted to the metal diaphragms by one crankshaft, then by an intermediary mechanism.

These pumps are used all over the world to circulate all kind of gases which can be aggressive, inert, toxic or radioactive (for instance, corrosive gases like UF6, ClF3 in uranium enrichment industry). This pump is also used as a backing pump for our model 15 m3/h to achieve 5.10-3 mbar from atmospheric pressure.

o Completely dry and fluid tight vacuum pump
o Safety, reliability
o Low running and maintenance cost (no liquid nitrogen, no oil, long service life)
o Low noise and vibration level



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